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 Car Infotainment PC System. Find it all in one device

Driver Features:

  • Interactive Gestures control operation
    Decreases the risk of accident when operatating the PC. It also supports button commands, and on screen keyboard.
  • GPS Navigation for road and 4x4 trips
    Aimi System have door to door, voice and visual navigation instructions, and moving map features are available for offroad trips.
  • Phone Calls, Hands Free
    Advanced calling features, caller ID, call waiting, conference calling, etc. they're built into Aimi PC. Hands free with echo cancellation and noise reduction is available for safety driving.
  • Night Driving and parking facilities
    InfraRed lighting & front camera increases safety while night driving. Up to 500mt of vision under the darknesst environment (*optional). A rear camera is available for parking.
  • Makes your trip more enterteinig
    Stores and play over 20,000 high quality recorded (256Kbps) MP3 songs, or listen up to 90 memory FM stations.
  • Real Time Traffic pictures
    Get real time traffic information by accessing traffic webcams in different locations.

Passengers Entertainment:

  • HD Movies: Movies and video clips stored in hd drive can be played during travels.
  • DVD/VCD Movies: DVD's and most video formats, from VCD to DVD video.
  • Internet Browsing: Internet Browsing * capability is included as a standard feature.
  • Digital TV, Digital Radio: With a built-in digital DVB-T receiver with dual tuner and diversity function.
  • Media Support: Aimi systems hosts virtually all digital media players on the market. MP3, WMV, WAV and PCM formats are supported. The design of interface is unique within all Car-Infotainment on the market, and can be customized.
  • Games collection: Plenty of freeware games included at no charge, will make your childs to enjoy while on the road.
  • Photo and Picture Viewers: Take a look at your pictures with a crystal clear image in the 7 inch screen.
  • Playlist & RIP CD's: Different playlist available, so everyone can listen to it's prefered music. Insert a CD, and store the songs in the hard disk.

"State of the Art" CPU

Aimi CPU Main BoardDual 1.66Ghz processor powered by Intel Intel® Core Duo™








  • You can simultaneously run multiple demanding applications such as Digital TV, multimedia and IR head video camera, while GPS navigator is running in the background.
  • The NISU S160 is small, but it has plenty of power. It's Intel® Core Duo™ Processor runs both cores at 1.66Ghz. with 2Mb cache. The 677 MHz FSB, DDR2 667MHz memory, and SATA hard disk drive exced power for any simultaneously running tasks.
  • It's 5.1 channel Audio system provides 4x50 rms watts of audio power, plus low level audio outputs for subwoofer and center speakers, converting the car in a 'real concert hall'.
  • Connectivity and transferring between digital devices and the S160 it's simple: 10xUSB 2.0, SATA II, RS232, Digital I/O ports and OBDII interface (optional), makes possible to link as many devices as you will need in the future. .

* GPRS/UMTS/3G is required: Requires a telephony operator account.

Please, read our "Driving Responsibility Code"

  Invest in Success. Used and new cars !

  4x4 OFF-Road trips with GPS Navigation

Learn how to make the right choice:


1 DIN and 2 DIN versions

Don't have an onboard PC ?
Learn what a NISU Onboard PC is, and how can make your driving experience unique.


Thinking to purchase a new car ?
Learn the advantages of choosing a NISU Onboard PC, instead of ordering your new car with original manufacturer extras.


OnBoard Computer versus portable GPS navigation device ?
Compare the difference between a NISU Onboard PC, and a portable GPS navigation device.




... What about driving country cross ? Ordinary GPS In-Car navigation systems does not work when the road ends

  • Able to use scanned maps.
  • The software was developed to allow set up 4 wheel drive trips. Before the trip scan or load in the relevant map Then sit down and work out where you am going, using, position waypoints on all the road and track intersections and towns etc.
  • Add in Map Features and Map Comments where appropriate. Use events to mark the position of the roads and tracks.

Note **: NISU PC Systems are not officially certified for aeronautical application. Therefor, NISU PC Systems should not be used on aircrafts, in those countries where the aeronautical regulations obligate electronic onboard equipment to be approved and certified.

Note ***: Experimental feature, which outputs signal corrections to maintain route navigating within waypoints

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